Call Ducks For Sale

Ducks are a great addition to your expanding poultry addiction! In some ways, they are easier to look after than chickens, but they are VERY messy and noisy!

Why Choose Call Ducks?

The Call Ducks available for sale from us are White. The drakes look a little like traditional mallards, with brown and silver wing and back feathers with green heads or are pure white. All our ducks have been bred by us and hand reared from birth

Call ducks are the bantam breed of ducks and are about 20cm long. As such they don't take up very much room! BEWARE though, they are VERY noisy! Hence their name. It is the girls specifically that make the most noise but the boys are quite quiet

Caring For Your Ducks

Ducks like to have a pond to swim in; an old paddling pool, shallow trug, big washing up bowl or something will work well. Make sure they have a ramp to get in and out of the pond as they cannot jump like chickens can. Although a pond isn't necessary, the ducks will get a lot of benefit and enjoyment from this addition. If you cannot provide a pond, they will need fresh water and a bowl deep enough to dunk their heads in, so they can wash their tear glands. They also like standing in water, so some shallow growbag trays work well. You will need to clean our and change their water every day as unfortunately they have no qualms about pooping in it!

Like chickens you can feed them layers pellets once they are POL although specially formulated duck feed is available from some suppliers. They are very, very hardy creatures and have a naturally high immune system. Our ducks are not vaccinated (in fact I do not know anyone in the UK who sells vaccinated ducks) as it is simply not necessary. HOWEVER, they are great carriers of disease, which means if they are running with chickens, there is a possibility they can pass on disease to the hens.

People often mix ducks and chickens with little or no problem. Although keeping them separate is recommended, as the ducks to make a lot of mud and mess with their pond, which isn't ideal for chickens and can breed diseases.

Call ducks for saleCall ducks for sale 2

The call ducks enjoying themselves

Silver and white call ducks

We are planning to hatch ducklings this year from our own flock. Watch this space for availability in 2017!

As flock animals, we would like them to be sold in trios or pairs (male & female) Pairs are 30, Trios are 45


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