Rescue Hens


Rescue Hens

Many people nowadays are considering rescuing or re-homing ex commercial laying hens. Although they are around 12-18 months old, they still have a good few years left in them and make fantastic, friendly pets.

We have taken on this project as we want to help with the many re-homing projects running across the UK. Many customers tell us that they would like some 'ex-batts' (as they're commonly known), to try and do their bit to help. So we are here to act as the 'middle man' in helping you make a difference.

Some Background Information

Warwickshire Chicken Coop will rescue a number of ex-commercial hens from farms and will be teaming up with many existing re-homers to do this. These hens are NOT your typical caged hens, so are technically not classed as 'battery' hens. Although they are free-range, they have been looked after in a commercial setting with enforced daylight and strict diet. At the age of 12-18 months, their egg production will drop to an unacceptable commercial level, (although 4 eggs a week is still enough for people wanting back garden hens) so they face slaughter unless rescued.

How Can YOU Get Involved?

This is the easy part! We aim to have around 30 ex-commercial hens ready for you to take to forever homes every rehoming session. We are asking people to register their details in advance to reserve their rescue hens. This is so we can manage the demand! Please either call or email us to do this.

We are asking for a donation only to re-home these hens. We suggest 5 per hen, of which any profit will be donated to a different charity each month. Suggestions for local charities are welcomed!

Re-Homing Days

Although the rescue hens will be living at Warwickshire Chicken Coop once we have collected them from the farms, we are only allowing people to come and collect the hens on a pre-arranged re-homing day. This is so we can make sure we have plenty of time to talk you through the settling in process and check your suitability. When you contact us to add your name to the Reservation List, we will advise you of the next available re-homing day.

We have no re-homing days planned for 2015, as such, please do not register your details with us until 2016 so we can manage expectations.

Re-Homing 'Parties'

We are also organising re-homing parties, where each re-homer (and potential re-homer) is welcomed to attend an informal course, and swap stories with one another. This will give you a great overview on how to care for your new hens, as well as sharing tips and experiences with other rescue hen keepers. There will be a 10 fee for this session per family and will include drinks and nibbles. An informal, relaxed event re-homing parties will run in the early evening and last approximately an hour. Dates and more information to be announced soon!


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