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Choosing chickens can be a tough decision and lots of sellers claim to be 'the best' Take a look at our customer testimonials and read what their experience at Warwickshire Chicken Coop was like and how their hens are doing. We don't claim to the 'the best' because everyone has a different idea of what is best. We are friendly, knowledgeable, flexible and genuinely care about our chickens. All our hens are happy, healthy and given the best care possible. You couldn't really ask for anything more!

Although not listed below, one customer verbally told us that she chose us because 'it was clear that we cared for our chickens and weren't just selling them like products'. Seems obvious really, but our hens welfare is so important to us and we really love all our chickens, even the ones that are hard to catch and embarrass us in front of everyone!

We have bought 4 birds this past 2 weeks from you Warwickshire Bluebelle, Rhode Rock and our 2 recent additions Daisybelle and Sussex Star, they are all doing well and just sorting out the pecking order. We did have 2 eggs this morning and lovely they were! I can't wait to check in the morning! Plans are already in place to extend their run to create more space for future additions. My daughter wanted to buy them all yesterday, so thank you being so informative and I know that we will be back to buy more :)Sam, October 2015 via Facebook

Fantastic place to buy chickens great advice and range of breeds, great for beginners like me, bought 10 chickens two weeks ago have settled really well!Rachel, Sept 2015 via Facebook

I Bought 4 hens from you back in September, (Speckledy, Warwickshire Bluebell, Gold Ranger and a Partridge). They took a couple of weeks to settle in to their coop and run but once they had sorted out their pecking order we have had no further problems with them having a go at one-another. The Ranger is boss (she is by far the largest), with the partridge at the bottom of the pile…..

We have been letting them have full run of the garden during day-time and so far have had no fox-problems. The hens look really healthy and active, their combs and wattles have become much more strongly coloured, and they have all grown a little. They follow me around the garden and I can’t dig a vegetable bed over without the Speckledy one getting between the spade and the soil in its search for tasty worms and bugs. They have been producing about 6 eggs per week each consistently since they began to lay (which was within about 2 to 3 weeks of buying them) With the mild winter we have noticed absolutely no drop-off in egg production due to the shorter winter days. I have been putting the cider vinegar in their water 1 week in 4 as you suggested and by and large their digestion seems fine with just the occasional sloppy poo. We have had no sign of mites yet but have been applying the powder regularly and cleaning out the coop fairly thoroughly weekly.

All in all the experience has been good so far….Many thanks for your good advice and for providing me with such a healthy and pleasant little harem…. (4 is too few to call a flock)Mark, January 2015

Knowledgeable, patient and excellent service for beginners. A great set up, and offers a boarding service! Kelly, October 2014 via Facebook

"Had a great time yesterday, meeting Jenna and choosing 6 ladies to add to my "family". They are settling well, whilst getting to know my retired ex-batts, as they "graze" in their run. Can't wait to see the assortment of eggs we hope they will be laying!!" Caroline July 2014 via Facebook

"We got our lovely ladies at the weekend, very pleased with them and the great service from Jenna, many thanks x They seem to be settling in nicely, roll on the eggs :)" Adam, March 2014 via Facebook

"Well Jenna, I have to tell you that my teeny little Warwickshire Star (Snowdrop) who I had from you around 18 months ago, is my best layer of all and has produced 351 eggs in 365 days - but best of all, she is feeling badly about all those days she has missed and has laid 8 in the last week with the 2 appearing in the last 12 hours. She might be small, gets dirty and is rather flighty but she makes up for it with the largest and yellowest yolks and the best stats! Thank you" Jane 2014

Firstly a review on our Holiday Boarding service: "Our three hens Whitey, Red & Ottie went to Warwickshire chicken coop on holiday while we went to Portugal. The set up is brilliant, our hens got to stay in an Eglu (much more posh than the wood coop we have) and seemed completely relaxed with it. Jenna seems very knowledgeable about all things chicken and I had no problems leaving the girls with her. Will be booking in again soon. I’ve read online about people not advising boarding your chickens because of disease risk and/or stressing the chickens by moving them, but we had no problems and there was no decrease in the laying."

And a review on the new hens...After one of our hens Ottie died we decided to get two more and this time from Warwickshire Chicken Coop. We went over on a Saturday afternoon and picked a couple of hens that looked healthy and also weren’t too small to give them a chance being integrated with the existing hens. We got a black/green/brown hen called No 4 and a Speckeldy called Mavis. Well what can I say, one of them was laying eggs almost immediately and they both seem to have fitted in very well. We will be buying all our feed and supplies from here now as we consider them a trusted supplier. Jenna clipped their wings for us, though we really must learn to do this ourselves." Joe Jan 2014

Best holiday care there is!! - Chucks came back looking happy and healthy and we got a bonus couple of boxes of eggs too - will definitely be using you again Paula 2014, her hens stayed with us at Christmas 2013

Great service, lots of friendly advice, and lovely chickens! The girls have settled in beautifully – I can’t believe how calm they are after the journey. I did as you suggested and just left the boxes in the run to let them come out in their own time, and all 6 were out within 3 minutes. They had some cabbage leaves and some corn and then we left them to it for a while. They put themselves to bed at dusk and were making contented little noises when I went to lock up. Now, since Wednesday they are settling down beautifully, I have already had 3 eggs from one of them! Lynne Dec 2013, who also gave us a 5 star review! :-)

I found Warwickshire Chicken Coop on the internet and I was impressed by the website - very professional and informative. I called Jenna who was happy to advise on which hybrids might mix with my existing ex-bat hen. She also gave some welcome advice on how to introduce the girls. When I visited, all the hens were very clean and healthy in clean, airy pens with clear labelling. There was a little well-stocked shop. Jenna herself couldn't have been more helpful. She trimmed the wings of my chosen birds and she showed me the best way to powder them. After I brought them home, she was also there for me by answering a query about settling-in. I can fully recommend Warwickshire Chicken Coop to either experienced or new chicken keepers.Bev B & Attilla (the Hen) Rage (Rhode Rage) Savers (Specks Savers) Tonto 'lone' Gold Ranger. Sept '13

Hi Jenna, Just a quick email to say thank you for the lovely hens we picked up at the weekend. We were customers of Heidi's Happy hens previously, so were a bit nervous about going somewhere new! We needn't have been though. You were so helpful and your place is so lovely! And of course the chickens are all amazing. The one we chose (Mrs Chicken(?!) came running up to us, so of course my son just HAD to have her! I'll certainly recommend you. Thanks so much for all your help and reassurance! Tina P. August '13

I really love my new girls courtesy of Jenna. They are addictive though,be warned! My daughter who's three and a half loves them to bits. Jenna was fantastic and answered all my queries and was very patient in my build up to getting them with all my concerns. Michelle August '13

Hi - picked up 3 lovely ladies from you and the next day they gave us us 2 eggs! One week in their new home and they're in their element pecking around the garden, all 3 laid today, Rocky is now over her cold and they all put themselves to bed. Thanks for all your help! Sarah W. May '13

We bought 10 assorted chickens from you about a month ago, and we love them ( especially the grand children who go in and sit with them and also dig worms for them ) From day one we had an egg and have built up to 6/7 a day which is wonderful! We've already been able to give 3 dozen away and hopefully when they get bigger we can sell some. Saying that, we have had 3 bigger ones, all double yolkers, so thank you. Jacky May '13

Thought you would like to know that "Omelette" has settled in very quickly with "Popcorn" and "Nugget"! We collected Popcorn and Nugget on Monday morning as ex-batterys from a farm and collected Omelette half an hour later from you. They are all really settled and have just about worked out who's where in the pecking order (Omelette is at the bottom). Omelette is definitely the favourite though and as soon as she sees me she runs to the gate ready see what you have. So friendly and loves being handled. Thank you so much... we will be back for more!!! Catherine S. May '13 Catherine has since been back for 2 more hens after her ex-batts sadly passed away

Dear Jenna, I thought I would update you on the 3 lovely girls we bought from you. All 3 have now settled in very well and are all laying. The Bluebell was the last to settle but she is now relaxing and started to lay about 2 weeks ago. She loves being made a fuss of and is the first to say hello in the morning. The other two - the Rhode rock - Primrose, is my old girl's (Dorothy) - best friend, and my red girl called Petunia is a very bossy girl but am happy to say they all get on very well. Dorothy is a changed chicken and it is lovely to see her so happy with her new friends. My chickens bring me so much joy as my job is very stressful and coming home to my girls and spending time outside with them is very theraputic. Not to mention having fresh eggs is fabulous.Thank you again for your help when I need it with regard to settling them in. Julie from Cirencester, April '13

Hi Jenna! I Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for looking after my chucks so wonderfully (as always) whilst I was away over Easter. I always feel so confident that they will be really well looked after when they are with you - they live in an Omlet Cube at home so it's fantastic that you now have the same accommodation for them to stay in with you - a real home from home for them! Thanks also for offering a "worming service" for holiday hens - that's just fantastic! I'm hoping to arrange another holiday shortly so will be in touch to book the girls in for another stay with you if that's ok - as you know, my flock might have accidently expanded by a couple of chucks after my last visit to you (!) so we'll definitely need a Cube this time!!! The newbies are really sweet and friendly, they are settling in well and standing up for themselves with the three "big girls" - hopefully they will be fully integrated and living happily together by the time they come to stay with you next - we are nearly there with integration, I think (hope!) It's great to see you are expanding Warwickshire Chicken Coop - long may your success continue!!! Thanks again. Ann Morris, April 2013

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for looking after our girls so well on their extended holiday with you. They all looked fab and went straight back to laying well at home. Also, the two newbies that came home with us have settled straight in and are part of the group- got our first egg from one today. Such sociable girls too! Thanks. X. Claire Hatton. Claire's hens stayed with us for just under a month! April '13

Hi, just wanted to say thanks - we collected 3 girls from you on Saturday to restock our little flock after losing 2 out of 3 of our original hens. They are GORGEOUS and have settled in so quickly. The little amber star, Amy, is a precocious little madam and making a play for top of the pecking order, whereas as you predicted, the lovely bluebell, who we've called Bella, is very submissive. The third chicken, the speckledy that we've called Kate, appears to be very easy going - you could say in a world of her own a lot of the time. Our original girl Emily has established herself as boss and is back to laying despite what must have been a stressful week for her, and there've been no tussles today as far as I know. I'll post some photos soon so you can see how they're getting along! Raynah Thomas April '13.

I bought 3 chickens from you a couple of weeks ago - a bluebell, a rhode rock and a gold ranger. They are all settling in with my lone chicken and seem to be liking their new surroundings. The gold ranger has laid everyday and this has encouraged my old girl who is now laying every other day. The other 2 haven't started laying as yet but it has been bitterly cold here so I am not really expecting anything yet. Thank you so much for all your help and advice with introducing the chickens etc. I know where to come now if I need anymore chickens!. Julie March '13

" I was most impressed with the service I received from Warwickshire Chicken Coop. From the start, I found their website to be user-friendly and informative. Prior to ordering my birds, I left a message and my call was returned promptly by Jenna providing all the information I required. On arriving at Warwickshire Chicken Coop, I was able to choose from a variety of well bred, happy and healthy hens. Jenna was very personable and extremely patient with all my toi-ing and fro-ing, deliberating as to exactly which hens and which breed I was going to choose! Jenna was also very helpful in assisting me with wing-clipping whilst answering a multitude of random questions from me! There was also a well-stocked shop on site from which I duly purchased some corn and feed. The very next day after my hens arrived home, one of them laid and has continued to do so right through the winter. The two other hens swiftly followed suit and much to my delight, the Columbine, started laying her beautiful pale green eggs last week. The birds I had from Warwickshire Chicken Coops are really nicely natured and were quite tame when I had them and have become tamer still. I emailed Jenna with a query that I had and she emailed back providing me with the information I was seeking. I have been very impressed with the service I have received from start to finish from Warwickshire Chicken Coop and I am delighted to recommend them." Trudy Jan '13

Eggs from Trudy's hensTrudy's 3 hens

The multi coloured eggs they hens have laid

The girls enjoying themselves outside

"Jenna, my daughter and I bought four chickens from you 2 weeks ago today. I just wanted to say thanks for your help and advice. The hens are happy wandering around my garden and have started to lay eggs already. I will certainly recommend you to friends for the future." Nev and Ellie Dec '12

"I just wanted to say thank you (again) for looking after my girls when we were on holiday. I wouldn't feel safe leaving them anywhere else. I always collect them in such wonderful condition, (often better than what they arrive to you in!) The hen boarding service is such a good idea, something that helped us in our decision when choosing where to buy chickens from." Ruth and Clive

"Thank you to all @ Warwickshire Chicken Coop!! All the help and advice that we needed and some beautiful young ladies now residing in our back garden!! We will definately be using your fantastic services! Love and clucks from Jelly Bean,Ding-dong,Zara & Goldie" Anna Marie and family

"We just wanted to let you know the girls have settled in great. We have had an egg every day from them and they are such little characters. Thank you so much for all your help, excellent service and most of all your patience. We will recommend you to everyone who wants chickens!" Gill & Lynne

"Just a quick note to let you know the 7 girls we bought from you on Saturday are all settling into their new home very well (2 x Sussex Star, 2 x Columbian Blacktail, 2 x Speckeldy and a rather splendid Orpington Bantam). Many thanks for the fantastic birds, they are chatty, happy and friendly and we are more than pleased as a result, and thankyou also for your advice." Phil and family

"We came to visit you on the first week end you were open and were so impressed. As soon as we have “extended” the girls current accommodation, I shall be coming to you to buy some more chooks." Judith

"Just thought I'd let you know that the six girls we purchased off you a couple of weeks ago (2 White Star, 2 Columbine, 2 Speckledy) have all settled in well and 5 of them of laying - got my first blue egg this morning! Have had hens for years, but still get as excited as the very first time when I find eggs in the nestboxes!! You have a lovely set up and these girls are a credit to your care and welfare." Claire Kendall

Just a update on Blue & Buff (the Orpingtons we brought from you), they are really coming on well! Blue needs an ASBO as she is into everything! Loves people, sits on my lap, follows me everywhere!! They really have taken over my life ,but I really love them! I will be in touch as we are hoping to go away later on this year and I would be happy for you to look after them for us. I hope you are also keeping well and not working too hard! Thank you so much for all your time and advice, I would not go anywhere else!! Jenna they are great we really love them! - Helen & Dave

I thought you would like to know that the two "girls" we bought from you several weeks ago are all settled in and laying almost daily. Lovely, large eggs. They are very friendly, especially the little reddish brown one with the black tail feathers who follows me around like a puppy, even making a fuss of me when I feed her, before she starts eating! The Warwickshire Bluebelle is stunning and more than able to stand up to our speckledy hen who wasn't too sure about the new comers at first! We thought your business was superb, so easy to find and you were so helpful - Judith

We travelled from Cardiff to visit Jenna and her lovely chickens. The journey was well worth it! We bought 3 beautiful hens (now named Shirley, Matilda and Betty Blue) who have already made themselves at home; enjoying sunbathing and dust baths. When space allows, we intend to return to Warwickshire Chicken Coop to buy a few more chickens. Jenna is helpful and knowledgeable, giving us plenty of useful advice. We would definitely recommend a visit - Lisa & Nick Wall


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