If you’re going away on holiday, finding someone to look after your chickens can be a bit of a chore. A kind friend or neighbour is great but if they're not poultry enthusiasts themselves what happens if there's a problem?! Here at Warwickshire Chicken Coop we are happy to look after them for you, offering our experience and knowledge to ensure they're in the safest hands whilst you're away.

Hen Boarding in Warwickshire

Looking after your hens. CHRISTMAS 2017 and NEW YEAR 2018 nearly FULL!

Your chickens will be kept safe in our ‘visitor accommodation’ and housed away from our chickens for sale, to minimise disease risk. We now have 10 coops for our guests to stay in. Your chickens will be kept in safe, secure Omlet Cubes and Gos which will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each group. Your girls will have space, comfortable sleeping quarters, bars for roosting and a comfy nest box to lay. They will be kept on sanitised woodchip which is removed and replaced with fresh for each group of visitors to ensure everything is clean and welcoming. Each coop is fitted with a wind/rain cover so your girls have a dry spot to enjoy.

We also welcome cockerels (no matter how noisy!).

Your girls will be fed layers pellets and given constant fresh water. If permissible we will also feed them fresh greens and handfuls of wheat. You are welcome to bring your own feed if you prefer and any other additions to your girls regular routine.Your hens will be kept in clean, healthy conditions and we will clean the coop and run out as necessary.

See what our customers have already said about our hen boarding service

" I Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for looking after my chucks so wonderfully (as always) whilst I was away over Easter. I always feel so confident that they will be really well looked after when they are with you - they live in an Omlet Cube at home so it's fantastic that you now have the same accommodation for them to stay in with you - a real home from home for them! Thanks also for offering a "worming service" for holiday hens - that's just fantastic! I'm hoping to arrange another holiday shortly so will be in touch to book the girls in for another stay with you!" Ann Morris who's hens stay with us regularly

If you like, we will keep any eggs your chickens lay and you can have them as a ‘welcome home present’ from your girls when you return!

Because we are so concerned with the health and wellbeing of our own chickens, as well as yours, we will give your girls a thorough once over when they arrive. This isn't to test you, or put you on the spot, we do this for three reasons; 1) to check you are happy with the condition you are leaving them in, and the comparable condition they go back to you in 2) to check if they have any lice or other infectious diseases. This is to minimise any disease risk to our own hens and other borders. Don't worry if your hens do have lice (it's very common!) we will treat them accordingly at no charge. (we do reserve the right to not take in any hens with serious infectious diseases however) and 3) we want to know your chickens as much as possible and this includes all their little ailments - forewarned is forearmed!


We charge per night, not per hen and the cost is inclusive of bed, board, care, attention and (optional) handling

Number of birds Price per night
1-4 birds £6.00
5-8 birds £8.50
9+ birds £11.00

Please note there is a minimum stay charge of £25.00.

If you are booking over the phone or in person, we ask for a deposit to secure your booking. PLEASE NOTE if you have to cancel your stay the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE in our busiest times which are HALF TERM HOLIDAYS, JULY, AUGUST, DECEMBER and JANUARY. At other times of the year refunds on cancellations will be at our discretion depending on circumstances and period of notice given. If we are able to re-sell the booking we will refund your deposit. Deposits can be paid over the phone with a credit/debit card.

New Additional Services

Taxi Service - If you need your hens collecting and dropping off for their holidays, we are happy to arrange this within a 20 mile radius. There will be an additional cost for this service. Price on request.

Self Catering Service - Instead of them coming to us, we come to you! If you have a large flock (15+ hens) we are happy to go to you to clean, feed and secure your hens daily. This service is offered to customers within a 10 mile radius of us. Prices and further information on request.

Detox - Worming - If you hens are due to be wormed, we can do this for you while they are here, using licensed wormer Flubenvet. There will be an additional one off charge of £1.50 per hen for this service.


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