Pure Breeds for Sale

Pure breeds are a great addition to any flock. They come in all shapes and sizes and have bags of personality. We hatch our Orpingtons, Pekin bantams, Legbars and Marans on site here. We do this for a number of reasons, mainly to minimise disease risk, cross contamination, and so we can give specialist care and attention to our young growing stock. All our pure breeds are raised on feed containing anti-coccidiosis medication and they are also all vaccinated against Mareks Disease at 24 hours old.

The list below shows the breeds that we will be stocking throughout the year. We can not guarantee we will have ALL the breeds, ALL the time. Please text, email or see our Facebook page for announcements of pure breed availability

Large fowl

Cream legbar for sale

Cream Legbar

The legbar is a popular choice because of the powder blue eggs she lays. She is an inquisitive hen, who will calm as she gets older. A very attractive bird, she has colours of grey, salmon, light brown and champagne in her plumage. She also has an attractive little pom pom on her head! She will lay around 200 eggs a year and is a beautiful addition to any flock. PLEASE RING, EMAIL OR TEXT FOR AVAILABILITY.

Price: £30

Buff Orpington for sale


A British bird, originating from Orpington in Kent, this is the ideal beginners bird. She is a ‘buxom bird’ who is curvy and heavy, with soft, dense feathers. Because of her dense feathers she needs to be kept dry, although she will fair well in cold weather. She will make an excellent mother and is often broody, but she will manage to lay 175 cream eggs a year. Unable to fly, she is great for the garden. We sell large fowl Orpingtons in Buff, Lavender and Splash. STOCK UPDATE 3rd Sept 2017; WE HAVE BUFF, LAVENDER, BLUE and BLACK ORPS IN STOCK, from 12 weeks old upwards

Price: £40

Vorwerk for sale


The Vorwerk is classed as a 'rare breed' and there are only a handful of breeders in the UK. She is a stunning bird to look at, with a black neck and tail feathers, whilst the rest of her is a deep orange. A German breed, she is tough and resilient and lays well for a pure breed, sometimes even in extreme temperatures. She has a small frame and can be quite skittish initially, however she will calm down in time and will make a fantastic collectors bird. NONE AVAILABLE IN 2017.

Price: £30 at 12 weeks, rising to £40 at POL

Copper Black Marans for sale


The Marans is famed for her rich chocolate brown eggs. Originating from France, she is a tough, hardy bird, able to withstand most weathers. This chicken enjoys free range conditions and she will lay 160 eggs a year. The Marans is available in many colours and the Cuckoo Marans forms the basis of the Speckeldy hybrid. We sell Copper Blacks and Cuckoo Marans. Both will lay a very dark egg. NONE AVAILABLE IN 2017

Price: £30


Pekin Bantam chickens for sale


Coming from Peking, she is a ‘true’ bantam, with no large fowl counterpart. She is only 20-30cm high and is covered in fluffy feathers, including her legs and feet. She is affectionately named the ‘feathery football’ due to her ball-like appearance. She is a docile bird and if handled enough, enjoys being petted, which makes her a great bird for young children. Likely to go broody, she will make an attentive mother, but is also likely to lay 170 small cream eggs a year. We sell mottled, lavender, partridge, millefleur, chocolate, black and buff pekins. IN STOCK (different ages)

Price: £30


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