Hybrid Chickens for Sale

Note; SOLD OUT OF HYBRIDS FOR 2017. Hybrids are a great choice if you're looking for a family pet, a good supply of eggs and a docile nature. We have lots of breeds to choose from who have all been fully vaccinated. These breeds can be mixed and matched so you have a nice colourful flock and colourful eggs. We will usually hold an average of 100 hybrids at a time but do have regular hybrid deliveries throughout the season so if we have sold out of your favourite it's probably only a matter of weeks before that type comes in again!

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Rhode Rock chickens for sale Rhode Rock chickens for sale

Rhode Rock

A black chicken with light gold feathers around her neckcoming from a Rhode Island Red and a Barred Rock chicken. The black feathers have a gorgeous purple/beetle green sheen to them in the right light. She is placid,friendly and and of medium build, tending to find her place in the middle of the pecking order. She will lay 290 mid-dark brown eggs a year.

Price: £17.50

Speckled chickens for sale Speckled Hens for sale


The speckledy chicken is a cross between a Maran and a barred Plymouth Rock; She is of medium build and has a placid nature. She reminds us what a 'mother hen' should be like; easy to keep and manage, she will fit in to any flock. She is a docile bird, who to match her name, will produce around 270 speckled eggs a year.

Price: £17.50

Bluebelle chickens for sale bluebelle chickens for sale

Warwickshire Blue Star

The Blue Star chicken is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Maran. As such, she lays large pale brown eggs, around 300 a year. She has a placid nature and beautiful colourings in shades of violet and grey. One of the largest breeds here, she tends to be at the top of the pecking order, or at the bottom; but rarely in the middle! Easily tamed she is most often found on your lap or hovering round the kitchen door and is the most popular hen we sell here.

Price: £17.50

Bluebelle chickens for sale bluebelle chickens for sale

Blue Splash

The Blue Splash comes from the Blue Star chicken and is a new breed for us. She is a gorgeous little girl who will soon become friendly. Her striking pale colours make her a graceful and elegant addition to your flock.

Price: £17.50

Ranger chickens for sale warren chickens for sale

Gold Ranger

A very friendly 'traditional' hen, the gold ranger is small and placid. She will lay 320+ light brown eggs a year. She is based on the Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red, with a rich ginger and white coat. A great bird for any family first time keepers as they usually become friendly very quickly. Often found wrapping themselves around your legs!

Price: £17.50

amber chicken for sale amber hens for sale

Amber Star

The amber is a friendly and sociable little chicken. Her colourings can vary from mainly white with red/ginger markings, to creamy speckels to a yummy champagne colour. She is a prolific egg layer and therefore a popular choice, laying around 320 rich brown eggs a year. She is a very sociable hen and will become tame very quickly.

Price: £17.50

Light Sussex Chicken For Sale Sussexchickens for sale

Sussex Star

The Sussex Star is a cross between a Light Sussex and a Rhode Island Red. She is pure white with black feathers round her neck and in her tail. She's a hardy, friendly bird with good looks and a placid nature. One of the largest breeds we stock here, she tends to be in charge. Easy to handle with show stopping looks, she is one of the most popular breeds we have. She will lay approximately 300 cream or white eggs a year.

Price: £17.50

Columbian Blacktail / Ranger Chickens for Sale red hens for sale

The Columbian Blacktail

A pretty little chicken, she is chestnut in colour, coming from a Rhode Island Red, but has black tail feathers. She is an inquisitive, slight chicken who will lay about 300 medium brown eggs a year. Similar to the Gold Ranger, she has bags of personality and will become tame quickly. Many customers observe that she 'looks like a traditional farm hen - how a chicken should look'!

Price: £17.50

daisybelle chickens for sale silver sussex chickens for sale


The Daisybelle chicken, alternatively called a Silver Sussex or Pied Ranger, is a stunning black chicken with white on her chest and sometimes back. The amount of white she has varies from a few flecks to a total covering. She is a little like the traditional Light Sussex, but the other way round! A great additional to a colourful flock, she will produce around 290 pale brown eggs a year. She is a slighter model, but will get curvier as she gets older!

Price: £17.50

Chalkhill Blue Chickens for Sale

The Chalkhill Blue

This beautifully coloured hen will be a great addition to your garden and will lay around 290 blue/green eggs a year. She's derived from a Cream Legbar and so has the blue egg gene in her! She has an inquisitive nature, can be a little flighty but, given a calm environment and regular engagement with you will become tamer as she matures. We sell these lovely hens as a 95% chance that they'll lay a coloured egg.

Price: £28.50

Partridge chickens for sale Partridge chickens for sale


The Tri- coloured is from the Leghorn family and as such, she has a slighter build and an inquisitive nature. Her colours and goldens, browns and blacks with white flecks. She's a really pretty girl and the most colourful we have! She will lay 300 pure white eggs in her first year.

Price: £17.50

Honeysuckle chickens for sale Honeysuckle chickens for sale

Warwickshire Gold Fleck

The Warwickshire Gold Fleck is an adorable little hen. She is golden in colour with white speckles and a black tail and black flecks in her coat. She is of a medium build and will fit in nicely to any flock. You can expect 300 cream eggs a year from her.

Price: £17.50


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