Chickens for Sale

Here at Warwickshire Chicken Coop we have hybrid and pure breed chickens for sale, as well as call ducks

Hybrid Chickens For Sale

Hybrids are known for their excellent egg laying qualities, friendly nature and hardiness; they will make a great addition to your back garden. See the video of our hybrid hens They are friendly, easy to keep, full of personality and ideal for the first time keeper. They also lay an average of 300 eggs a year which come in lots of different colours. Getting on well with one another, customers can choose from several different breeds to have a nice colourful mixed flock

Pure Breed Chickens For Sale

Pure breed chickens are rarer and more sought after, so are often more expensive to buy than hybrid chickens. Some people prefer to buy pure breeds as they are concerned with preserving natural blood lines, or simply prefer the more striking colours and characteristics of a pure breed bird. If you are thinking of showing your chickens, or perhaps breeding from them, a pure breed is the right choice. All our pure breeds have excellent bloodlines and defining characteristics of the breed. Whilst they do not lay as many eggs (average 175 a year) they are fast becoming a popular choice for a colourful mixed flock of all shapes and sizes

Care and Welfare of our Chickens

All of our hybrid and pure breed chickens receive the same level of care and are fed the same diet. They are vaccinated and are guaranteed for two weeks

We feed our hens on Heygates layers pellets which ensures they are happy and healthy, with a varied diet and will produce fantastic, tasty eggs. They are given additional fresh greens, mealworms, sunflower seeds, grit and vitamins to ensure they leave us in tip-top condition.

We pride ourselves in having high standards of welfare and all our chickens will have a thorough MOT before they leave us to live with you. We will ensure that they are of a minimum weight and do not show any signs of weakness or disease before going on to their new home. Although we guarantee them for two weeks, we are here for you and your hens by offering lifetime of advice. Many customers have told us our hens are the healthiest they have seen anywhere, which we are really proud of.

Choosing and Buying your chickens

Choosing your chickens is simple; just visit us during our opening hours, choose the hens you want and take them home with you! You can mix and match any of the breeds so you can have a nice, colourful mixed flock. When you come to see us we can advise you on which breeds work well together and which breed is ideal for your circumstances for wanting chickens. Our opening hours are shown on the home page of our website. Please do not visit outside these hours as we won't be here however we can see you by appointment of regular opening hours if you give us a call to arrange.

If you have a pet carrier or box to take your chickens home in, please bring it with you but if not, we do have some Carry Me Home boxes that you can purchase for £3.00 which you can keep and re-use. You can ask us any questions you have when you visit us, and we can take lots of time explaining everything to you, as well as helping you choose your hens. We will also explain basic handling techniques and show you how to hold your new hen properly, we'll let you have a go too!

If you are not quite ready to take your hens home, we can reserve them for you by taking full payment and arranging a later collection or delivery date with you. You can choose the exact hen you'd like, and we will put a colour coded tag on her leg to ensure no one else chooses her. This is a popular option for people who know they definitely want to buy their chickens, but just need a couple more weekends to get the coop and run ready. The maximum we can reserve hens for is 2 weeks.

We will show you how to hold and catch them and some 'tricks of the trade' on how to apply mite powders, finding a good husbandry regime and settling your hens in at home. We can clip their wings for you, or show you how to do this yourself and we will also give you a ‘fact-sheet’ if you are new to keeping chickens, to help you get to grips with the basics.

If you are just getting started with chickens we offer ‘starter packs’ containing everything you need to get going. Don't forget we have a fully stocked shop with feed, bedding, health and husbandry products as well as British made hen houses ready to take away. In fact everything you need for keeping chickens!


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